Changelog Changes and Todo


October 18th 2016

  • Clicking an item in the item list will now open the marketdata for that item if the users log on using SSO (Beta)

October 22nd 2015

  • Doing 'final checks' on pages, for public release:
    • Trade routes
    • Restocker
    • Shopping List
    • FAQ
    • Profile page
    • Subscription page
    • Blacklist page
  • Added ability to change email and password
  • Added referral system
  • Added more information to item detail view
  • You now need to have an active subscription to New Eden Item Finder to use the service. Existing users have been granted access until the first of November 2015

October 21st

  • Doing 'final checks' on pages, for public release:
    • Index
    • Itemfinder main page
    • Item detail page

October 20th

  • You can now log in using your EVE-Online account through Single-Sign On

October 18th

  • Added restock page

October 17th

  • Added shopping list
  • Added alternative way to see trade routes. Would love input

October 16th

  • Added item and marketgroup blacklist on trade routes
  • Added blacklist overview
  • Added item and marketgroup blacklist on itemfinder (traderoute will get it soon)
  • Improved marketgroup names

October 15th

  • Added sensible defaults
  • Started the FAQ
  • Start of changelog


  • Visual confirmation when updating settings
  • Visual confirmation when inputting incorrect info
  • More info on trade hub screen
  • Improve update time for hubs that ain't Jita (ongoing)
  • Use better icons
  • Implement SSO